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On-Hold Messages are like having a Billboard marketing your business. There are four ways you can market to the captive audience you have on hold. Which are you using?

Leaving the billboard blank is like having silence on your On-Hold system. When customers listen to silence they wonder if they are lost in the shuffle or disconnected. Silence On Hold is like sending your prospective clients a blank brochure of your business.

#2—Paint a Pretty Picture
Painting a pretty picture is like having music only playing while on hold.
It sounds nice but does nothing to educate callers of the products
and services your company has to offer.

#3—Use the Entire Billboard For Your Competitor's Ad
This is like playing the radio while customers are holding. You have no control over your competitors that choose to advertise on that station,
or controversial issues that are broadcast. Also, businesses that play
the radio on their hold system are responsible for paying licensing fees
for rebroadcasting the station.






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#4—Paint a Powerful Picture To Market
Your Business!!
You do have the choice to own and manage your company billboard with customized On-Hold Messages. We will help you write a personalized script and record a professional On-Hold recording promoting products and services to your captive audience.
This program is an extension of your current marketing program
and will pay for itself many times over with
increased sales and enhanced company image.

Within the first week of installing our
On-Hold program, a patient scheduled
a procedure after hearing about it while on hold. Although brochures were available in the waiting room, our patient did not know this procedure was offered until they heard it on our new On-Hold message.